Britney Spears' recent legal tussle is proof that the beauty business can get ugly, especially if you cross someone. The 'Criminal' singer and bride-to-be (for the third time) settled with a fragrance company out of court after she reneged on a deal regarding one of her scents.

Brit has built an impressive portfolio of perfumes over the years. One might even say she has created a fragrance empire, with a wide array of auras, similar to how J Lo did it. Celeb scents are big business, but in this case, it cost Brit a pretty penny.

Brand Sense Partners resorted to suing the singer because of how she handled their business arrangement. Brand Sense claimed it hooked Brit up with Elizabeth Arden in order to create the Radiance scent. According to the terms of that deal, Brand Sense would be paid 35% of the profits from the sale of the perfume.

Unfortunately, as TMZ reports, Brit Brit and her father Jamie, who acts as the conservator of her business dealings, subsequently entered into a covert deal with Elizabeth Arden, cutting Brand Sense out of the picture.

While the terms of the settlement are undisclosed and we don't know how badly this suit hit the singer in the wallet, the legal documents specify that Brit Brit had to pay the company commissions that span several years as well as a lump sum.