Britney Spears may or may not be a judge on 'X Factor,' as rumors abound that she remains knee- deep in negotiations for the gig. But she is indeed the face of Hasbro's Twister Dance. The 'Criminal' singer confirmed she would be partnering with the game earlier this winter. Now, she has generously shared photos from the shoot, baring her taut, toned bod. Brit is looking as good as she has in years.

In the shots, she's wearing a cropped, bra-like top, a loose vest and black pants. Her hair is a cascade of blonde, while she shows off shapely arms and her flat abs. In addition to a workout routine, Brit is likely burning off the excess calories by chasing after and playing with her adorable young sons.

Brit Brit is also surrounded by dancers in one of the images, with the spotlight shining squarely on the sexpot and her svelte body.

These shots certainly arouse your, uh, interest in the game, don't they? Brit's dancing is a key component of her videos, live shows and career, so this is the perfect partnership for her.