In August, Britney Spears brought her oldest son Sean onstage during a concert in Ohio. We're not sure if Sean's little brother Jayden felt left out, but if so, Spears made up for it by bringing out both boys during a performance over the weekend in Croatia.

The family affair took place during 'Till the World Ends.' Spears lip-synched the vocals but danced her tail off during the song, which included a cameo from Nicki Minaj via the large video screen, plenty of fireworks, and a riser that hoisted Spears high in the air and gave her angel wings.

At the end of the performance, as the confetti flew, Britney thrilled the crowd by bringing out Sean and Jayden, who stood next to Mom and waved to the crowd. Their adorable appearance was brief, and after about 20 seconds, Britney and her family disappeared through an elevator door below the stage.

Spears is in the middle of the European leg of her Femme Fatale Tour, which continues through mid-November, followed by another month of dates in Mexico, Puerto Rico and South America. Her latest single, 'Criminal,' continues to rise up the charts.

Watch Britney Spears Bring Her Sons Onstage in Croatia