The Britney Spears vault has opened! The Pandora's Box of Pop has been found.

We've all seen pop princess Britney Jean Spears perform in some capacity – be it in the flesh at one of her concerts; lip synching on 'Good Morning America' or some other morning TV show; in music videos where she cavorts in red latex with that "come hither" stare; or engaging in some slithery serpentine stunt or a makeout session with Madonna on the MTV VMAs. But few of us have been able to see any of Brit Brit's full 'Star Search' performances ... Until now, that is.

In case you are too young to remember 'Star Search,' it was a variety talent competition show, a proto 'American Idol,' if you will.

Check out this final clip of the "champion" Brit Brit performing at just 10 years old, before she loses her crown to another fellow child performer. She's belting out her song while wearing an adorable black and white dress with a big black bow in her curled brown hair; the clip originally aired in 1992, just seven years before Brit would jailbait her way into our hearts with her school girl-gone-bad attire in the sexified video for 'Baby One More Time.'

OMG, we cannot get over how innocent, adorable and unblemished Brit Brit was at this age. And she sings so sweetly. However, despite having a few wins under her belt to make her the champion, 12-year-old Marty Thomas actually bested Brit and took the title from her as the challenger.

Pink is the New Blog reports that Thomas, a Broadway performer, likely uploaded this full clip of his victory. Brit was quite the gracious loser, smiling and giving Thomas a hug while still on the stage. She put up a good front.

Who knew that lil Brit Brit would go on to become one of the biggest names in the pop universe, while Thomas would be a niche performer, at best? Who knew, Star Search? Who knew?

Watch Britney Spears Sing Her Little Heart Out on 'Star Search.'