Britney Spears did it again! After stealing the Pop Clash title from Justin Bieber, Ms. Spears went on to triumph over fellow starlet Ariana Grande. Next up, Britney's 'Perfume' faces off against A Great Big World's 'Say Something' Feat. Christina Aguilera.

Britney is at the top of her game with 'Perfume.' The power ballad is the perfect sugary-sweet accent to her fierce 'Work Bitch.' Brit is all about working her vulnerable side in 'Perfume,' and it works. The emotional track tugs at our heartstrings!

A Great Big World's 'Say Something' is a beautifully stripped down track that complements featured artist Christina Aguilera's vocals. The piano-driven ballad is about letting go of someone you love, and the raw emotion conveyed by the trio makes this track great. Seriously, does it get more heart-wrenching than this?

Who should win this week's Pop Clash? You can vote for Britney or A Great Big World once an hour until the polls close at 3PM ET on Nov. 25.

Listen to Britney Spears, 'Perfume'

Listen to A Great Big World, 'Say Something' Feat. Christina Aguilera