If there's one outfit that takes a whole lot of metaphorical balls to wear, it's a nude bodysuit (we wouldn't suggest wearing one if you actually do have balls, since that would leave very, very little to the imagination). Britney Spears started the "I'm nude, but not really" fad back in 2000 with her VMA performance of 'Satisfaction' / 'Oops! ... I Did It Again,' and nearly every fit pop star copied her patented nudey suit thereafter. 

Even though Brit could be considered to start-all, end-all of nude bodysuit wearers, since she started the trend and looked so unbelievably hot in the getup, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez have also showed off their womanly figures in their own versions of Brit's naked fakeout. Katy Perry rocked a full, glittery bodysuit at the 2012 MuchMusic Awards (as she transformed into a butterfly during 'Wide Awake'), while Jenny from the Block has been rockin' nude onesies left and right (with a body like that, we don't blame her!), like the one pictured above that she's been performing in recently.

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