Britney Spears is our newest champ in our daily 'Sound Off' series. Yesterday, her flute-laden, good girl gone bad tune 'Criminal' beat out Katy Perry's 'The One That Got Away.' Brit won more than 60% of the votes in yesterday's competition, and today 'Criminal' is duking it out with our favorite 'Soul Punk,' Patrick Stump.

Patrick Stump has recently moved away from his Fall Out Boy roots to create a successful career as a solo artist, fusing R&B, hip-hop, pop, and rock to create a unique sound all his own. His single 'This City,' which features 'Words I Never Said' rapper Lupe Fiasco, has been bumping on the radio nonstop since its release. Today, we'll see if his catchy track can trump the competition.

Cast your vote for either Britney Spears' 'Criminal' or Patrick Stump's 'This City' featuring Lupe Fiasco and we'll let you know who the winner is tomorrow!

Listen to Britney Spears, 'Criminal'

Listen to Patrick Stump, 'This City' Feat. Lupe Fiasco

Rules of ‘Sound Off’:
There’s only one rule for our ‘Sound Off’ series: If a song remains the reigning champ for five straight days, it is retired to PopCrush’s ‘Sound Off’ Hall of Fame. With tons of great tracks coming out everyday day, we have to give other artists a chance to win!