Britney Spears has just dropped her 'Ooh La La' video, and just like Pink's brand-new clip for 'True Love,' the songstress recruited her family for some cameos.

In 'Ooh La La,' Brit brings in her boys Sean and Jayden to check out the new 'Smurfs' sequel in a theater, while Pink's 'True Love' gives some sneak peeks at life with her family (hubby Carey Hart and daughter Willow) at home and out on the road while on her Truth About Love tour. After checking out both clips, which video has won you over? Brit's cute, semi-animated 'Ooh La La' video, or Pink's heartwarming, fast-paced visuals in 'True Love'?

'Ooh La La' starts out with Britney Spears and her two adorable little boys, Sean and Jayden, seated in a packed movie theater. They're checking out 'The Smurfs 2,' since 'Ooh La La' is off the soundtrack, when suddenly Brit is transported into the movie when the villain, Gargamel, blasts off a ray from his magic wand. Hey boys think it's so "cool" to see their mom onscreen, and we do too! Spears is having a blast in Smurfville, dancing with Smurfette and taking in the animated scenery in a pretty red dress.

On the other hand, we've got Pink, who gives us a glimpse at her hectic touring life. After the mom performs for her thousands of fans (the footage is from her Truth About Love tour stops), she gets off stage and gets to chill with her beloveds, Carey and Willow. Even though it seems exhausting, you can tell Pink wouldn't trade it for the world. She looks so happy flying through the air in her trapeze, and even happier when she's holding Willow in her arms or having a confetti fight with Carey in bright, cartoonish scenes. Lily Allen also shows up for a cameo, singing her guest verse while viciously chopping up some veggies.

So, which video featuring family members are you digging the most? Vote for Brit's 'Ooh La La' or Pink's 'True Love' below!

Watch the Britney Spears 'Ooh La La' Video

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