While neither are novices in the world of celebrity perfumes, Britney Spears and Rihanna have both recently added to their lengthy list of fragrances with two new scents -- or three really, if you count Brit's 2-in-1 combo -- with Fantasy Twist and Nude, respectively.

While we haven't been able to get a good whiff of Fantasy Twist or Nude yet (although both are available for purchase now at Kohl's and Macy's, respectively), both ladies have revealed stunning ad campaigns for their latest eau de parfums. They differ greatly, but that should make choosing all the easier for you!

In Britney Spears' print ad for Fantasy Twist, which is actually an Elizabeth Arden-manufactured double pack of Brit's Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy fragrances, the 'X Factor' judge appears as two versions of her sexy self.

In the top portion of the flip-flopped image, meant to represent the pink Fantasy scent, Brit portrays a kind of Egyptian goddess, with feathers flying, blond locks flowing and a sultry look upon her face. In the bottom half, which represents the darker blue Midnight Fantasy, Brit trades in her blond hair for a short, black bob and a darker stare. It's kind of like her 'Womanizer' video, in the sense that she is letting her alter egos take control.

Meanwhile, in another appropriate move to match the essence of the fragrance, Rihanna is stripping down for her Nude ad campaign. Dressed in nothing except a beautiful, peachy lace bra with a sheer piece of peach-colored fabric wrapped around her, blond Rihanna looks gorgeous, carefree and natural promoting her perfume. The light flooding into the shot adds a warm glow to the entire image, and Rihanna's flawless skin really pops.

So, which perfume ad do you like better? Brit's contrasting image for Fantasy Twist, or Rihanna's delicate shot promoting Nude? Vote below!

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