Britney Spears had an "oops I did it again" moment at her UK tour launch party in London on Friday. While exiting her vehicle, Spears accidentally flashed her pink panties to the paparazzi gathered outside (via Buzzfeed).

Hey! It happens to the best of us! Just like any other woman who is in great shape, Spears likes to show off her great body in form-fitting dresses, and there's bound to be some wardrobe malfunctions on the way.

Spears also has an amazing pair of gams, and she tends to wear shorter-cut dresses in order to flaunt her skinny, fit stems. As she slid out of the car as gracefully as possible, her dress happened to slip up a bit, exposing her pink underwear to the cameramen.

It's times like these that you realize how invasive the paparazzi can be -- it's gotta be tough be a celeb. Brush your shoulders off, Brit! Your fans have your back!

On a side note, we loved Britney's green dress at the party. The sheer bust made it a little sexier, and her black booties to match were the perfect accent to the outfit. It was also nice to see Brit with her hair pulled back, as this hairstyle allows Britney's radiant face to truly shine.