It's only appropriate that the princess of pop would get the 'Pop Up Video' treatment. This time, everyone's favorite bubbles are on Britney Spears' 'Womanizer.'

In the clip, Spears disguises herself to catch her man cheating. In a testament to Spears' creativity -- or perhaps just her fondness for wigs -- Spears came up with the video concept on her own. In a testament to her efficiency (and that of her team), the entire video was conceived, shot and edited within only five days!

The first thing revealed, in more ways than one, is Spears' bod. Her director felt like she "had to" be naked since she just got back in shape. That's a tall (and lean, toned and 25 pounds lighter) order ... but not quite tall enough to steer a Maybach from the backseat with her feet. Spears would need to be 8'2" to do that!

Not to mention that's it's extremely illegal, but that hasn't stopped Brit-Brit before. Her laundry list of traffic violations include driving without a license, running a red light, running over a cop's foot, driving while texting and crossing a double yellow.

The video shed light on Spears' personal life as well. The red lips tattooed on her wrist were a lasting memento of the night she shaved her head, which she said she never regretted doing: "People shave their heads every day." It's later revealed that in her scenes as a cocktail waitress with even more ink, it took two hours to draw on the extra tattoos.

Towards the clip's conclusion, VH1's team of experts also defined what exactly constitutes a womanizer. "If you like women," one bubble began, "and you have short sexual relations with many of them," another continued, "you're a womanizer." They also gave examples of famous womanizers in pop culture, including Charlie Sheen, Jesse James and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It seems like the only one they forgot was Spears' ex, Kevin Federline!

Watch Britney Spears 'Womanizer' Pop Up Video