Could Britney Spears be teaming up with Zoe Saldana again for a film?

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Spears hinted that she was open to the idea of acting with Saldana again, should the opportunity ever present itself.

"Who knows? That’s a very good idea. But she’s pregnant with twins right now. So I'm sure she's got a huge future ahead of her," she told the entertainment program.

It's nice to see that the two are still friends years after they appeared together on screen almost 12 years ago. In fact, while promoting 'Guardians of the Galaxy' in August, Saldana had nothing but nice things to say about Spears when she was asked about the 'Piece of Me' singer during a Q&A on Bravo.

“I have a huge amount of respect for Britney Spears,” she said. “I’ve always said this, and I will alway continue to say it: She was the one big, big celebrity that I met, when I started to work in Hollywood, who really was humble. Whatever was going on in her mind or in her world, it was never about hating her neighbor.”

Let's hope we see Britney and Zoe on screen again someday!

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