While tonight's 'Pot O' Gold' episode of 'Glee' was meant to happily introduce Damian McGinty as newcomer Rory, the show ended in rainclouds. Thanks to her evil counterpart Santana, Brittany found herself swayed in the wrong direction and ultimately decided to part from the New Directions.

For the most part, things were good -- we got a taste of Rory's vocals, Rachel laid low and Quinn stirred up the usual baby drama. But after Finn screamed at her and she discovered that the Irish exchange student was in fact not a leprechaun sent to grant her three wishes, Britney's heartstrings pulled her to Shelby Corcoran's all-girls show choir.

Joining Santana and Mercedes, Brittany found a home among friends, and seemed to fit in pretty well. Together, they performed Christina Aguilera's 'Candyman' on stage in the auditorium, while Finn sneakily watched on. Despite the fact that they're now the competition, the former football stud gave them a special nod, even apologizing to Brittany because he doesn't want to lose their friendship.

While we're more than sad to see her go, as we were with Mercedes, we can't help but wonder how long this whole separate glee club thing is going to last. Come back to the good side, girls! 'Glee' continues on Nov. 8 with 'The First Time.'