The 'American Idol' audition round has moved to the Pacific Northwest to the lovely (if cloudy) city of Portland. The first contestant was evidence that you can't judge a singer by her clothes! Brittany Zika, a golden blonde, tripped when making her way to the mini stage to perform before the judges. She joked that her friends call her "Tripster the Hipster," and with her thick, nerdy black speces, suspenders and rain boots, she certainly had an interesting fashion sense.

She spewed for a few her love for and dreams about Sara Bareilles – no, not those kinds of dreams. Brit just wanted to share the stage with Bareilles. And it came true, when she sang 'Gravity' with her (see below). When she opened her mouth to belt out 'The Story' by Brandi Carlile, things changed markedly and for the better. Her voice was pretty and she sounds nothing like she looks. While she's a nerdy fisherwoman on the exterior, when she sings, wow. It's soothing and comforting.

When Brit, 21, shed her silly hat, she showed off her sass and came to life. She is absolutely adorable and sounds super sweet.

Watch Brittany Zika Perform With Sara Bareilles