Apparently Williamsburg is far too hip of a place for the likes of Joe Jonas. According to the New York Daily News, Joe Jonas was heckled by audience members while performing live in Brooklyn at The House of Vans last week.

Jonas performed at a concert sponsored by PAPER magazine, which Jonas recently posed for the cover. As he took the stage as the opening act for rapper Swizz Beatz, the crowd definitely wanted to 'See No More,' as they booed him and tossed brightly colored balls at him.

Although it has been reported that concert goers weren't pleased by Joe's presence, PAPER editor Alexis Swerdloff rebuffed the claim that Jonas' performance was met with "a mixture of derision and stony silence." She said, "There were a few balls thrown onto the stage -- but they were promotional balls that were being thrown around all night -- and that Joe was hardly met with stony silence! Rabid fans lined up around the block hours before the performance and were screaming throughout."

Williamsburg is noted as being one of the hipster capitals of the East Coast, so it is really wouldn't surprise us to find out that the Jonas Brother did in fact get booed and pelted by mini-footballs. However, in the video clips below, there aren't any signs of an angry crowd.

For a guy who made a name for himself on Disney's 'Camp Rock,' we have to give Jonas props for facing the Brooklyn hipsters, regardless of the fact that he might've received a not-so-warm welcome.

Watch Joe Jonas Perform 'See No More' at The House of Vans

Watch Joe Jonas Perform 'Just in Love With You' at The House of Vans