Just when you didn't think poor Bruce Jenner's face could get any more jacked, he was about to mess with his neck, too. Jenner reportedly was in the market to get his -- get this -- Adam's apple removed. But thankfully, he's changed his mind.

Jenner met with a plastic surgeon to discuss not only another nose job, but also a laryngeal shave -- also known as an Adam's apple flattening. For the nose job, it was a pretty legit concern: Jenner had skin cancer on his nose and didn't like the way it healed, so he wanted a little reconstruction there. Fair enough.

Here's where it gets wonky. Adam's apple flattening is said to often be the first step in gender reassignment surgery -- also known in plainer terms as a sex change. However, Jenner insisted that it's not the case, telling TMZ, "I just never liked my trachea."

Since the story broke, Jenner says he canceled the procedure ... but other sources told TMZ that he simply rescheduled it in another office. To which we say: Bruce, you have gold medals! Leave everything be or you'll turn into, well, Kris.