Though Ben Flajnik and Kris Jenner have denied hooking up, sources insist it's really happening -- and that Bruce Jenner (you know, Kris' estranged husband) couldn't be more thrilled about it. And that's not even sarcasm. Seriously!

Sources tell Radar Online that Kris and Flajnik's relationship is more sexual than serious, and that Bruce isn't fazed by it.

"Kris is enjoying all of the attention," a source dished. "Bruce could absolutely care less about it! Bruce is saying that Kris is now someone else's problem Bruce has never been happier living alone in Malibu."

The source also notes that Bruce and Kris don't plan on divorcing until 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' is done for good at the end of 2015.

"It's all about preserving the brand. It would look really bad if Kris was publicly in a relationship with a much younger man after just announcing the split with Bruce," the insider explained. "Kris thinks a long drawn out separation will keep viewers coming back for more and the show needs it, at the moment."

So what's she going to do with Flajnik when cameras are rolling and when Christmas comes? "Kris will keep her boy toy away from her family," the source said. "She knows if Ben were to make an appearance at her holiday festivities, tongues would be wagging."

It's also, well, pretty gross. Hopefully there's lot of Gatorade in their houses, because their thirst for relevance is bordering on dehydration.