Twitter and the rest of the Internet were abuzz this weekend, albeit briefly, about Bruno Mars. Why? A reputable website reported that the 'Lazy Song' singer came out as a homosexual. But was it true?

Not quite, at least as far as we know. CNN's iReport site, a news outlet by "citizen journalists" (anyone can post there, pending approval by editors), reported that Mars revealed that he was gay on a radio show on April Fool's Day. And yes, according to the report, which has since been removed, he was aware of the awkward timing.

"The timing is bad," Mars allegedly said in the interview (quotes via The New York Post). "I hadn't realized it was April Fool's Day, but it's been pointed out to me, and I don't want to go too public with this."

Turns out he may not have wanted to "go too public" because the story was bunk. Mars' reps told Gossip Cop that the interview was "completely fabricated" and 100 percent false. Mars himself hasn't commented on the rumors, likely because he either finds them too ridic to warrant an explanation or because if he keeps quiet, they'll die out a bit faster.

Regardless of who Bruno loves, we love him!