Bruno Mars is the man! From swooning the ladies with his voice to being the best-dressed guy at awards shows, the pop crooner is a stud. But if you want further proof of his manliness, check out Bruno's hilarious Funny or Die parody called 'Whatta Man.'

"People ask me all the time what it's like to be Bruno Mars," he says in the video. "That's like asking me what it's like to be a man. A mighty, mighty good man." Then it segues into the 1993 song 'Whatta Man' by Salt 'N' Pepa (featuring En Vogue) and we see Bruno showing off his, um, manhood.

In the clip, the 'Grenade' singer shoots bad guys, takes showers in his tuxedo, wields nunchucks and saves pets and a pregnant woman from a burning building. Bruno is so comfortable in his manhood, he's not afraid to cry in front of his girlfriend while watching chick flicks. He also breaks a man's arm off during an arm-wrestling match and celebrates by giving the bloodied limb to a teenage fan. What a stud!

We also get to see Bruno dance in gold shorts but his moves are kind of lame. He should get Psy to teach him how to do the 'Gangnam Style' dance.

Jokes aside, Bruno released the video on Twitter to celebrate the completion of his second album. "Over a year workin on it and now Im finally finished," he tweeted. "My 2nd album is complete!!!!! Therefore IM THE MAN!!!"

Yes, indeed.