We sure have missed you, Bruno Mars.

Bruno and Mark Ronson totally killed it on the season finale on 'The Voice,' delivering an insanely electric performance of their song 'Uptown Funk.'

We're seriously obsessed with Bruno's retro vibe, and he totally brought in every way -- from the visuals (Bruno had curlers in his hair, was wearing a blazer that seemed to be lacquered in silver and gold and the entire set was straight out of the 60s) to the song itself ('Uptown Funk' is, naturally, an upbeat, funk masterpiece that you can seriously get down to unless you hate fun).

The lyrics: "Don't believe me just watch" are super playful and totally perfect when paired with the performance, because watching Bruno Mars perform is more mesmerizing than watching cats drink water in slow motion. Seriously. Check out the video of Bruno above and tell us you aren't totally obsessed.

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