Bruno Mars' love song 'Marry You' has provided the soundtrack for a California man's recent flash mob proposal at Downtown Disney.

After being together for nearly six years, Jamin Love decided to propose to his girlfriend, Valerie Albania, on Sept. 25, organizing a group of friends and dancers from Marvels Dance Company to perform to the pop song.

"I've come up with an idea to propose to Valerie Albania," Love says in a video documenting the event. "We've been together for five and a half years, a little bit over ... It's [to] the song, 'Marry You.' It's probably one of the most straightforward songs out there, but the whole idea is just revolving around spending your life with somebody that you truly truly love, and I have been blessed and can say that I found that person."

Albania, who runs the dance company with Love and others, is shown walking into an open area when she hears the music begin. Love stands with his lady and some other friends, watching the performers as if he has no idea what's going on.

As the group grows, Love enters the mix and Albania realizes what's happening. She puts her hands to her face and cries when Love gets down on one knee during the song's final bars. With all the thought that went into the touching proposal, Albania naturally said yes.

Watch the Bruno Mars 'Marry You' Flash Mob Proposal