Bruno Mars did double duty as host and musical guest on 'Saturday Night Live,' and he absolutely nailed it. Aside from a voice from Heaven (was he really locked out of there?), the dude is hilarious!

Bruno's musical performances were just as perfect as you'd expect -- energetic, sexy and perfectly on pitch. Aside from lead off 'Orthodox Jukebox' single 'Locked Out of Heaven,' Mars performed another new song -- a ballad called 'Young Wild Girls' that will make exactly those girls swoon.

So how were his comedic chops? Brilliant, especially for an admitted beginner! His opening monologue was enthusiastic and fun, but we gotta say, Bruno -- you're so beautiful, but you need a trim! He acknowledged this subtly in his speech: "I've never even done a shampoo commercial, which, you know, is crazy!" He injects a ton of music into the end, and even when he's being goofy, he sounds incredible.

In one sketch entitled 'Haters,' modeled after the trashy daytime talk shows we all watch but won't admit to, Mars emerged in leggings, a varsity jacket, a blond ponytail wig and gold hoop earrings. He actually looked like a caricature of his ex, Rita Ora! He played "a 17-year-old dropout who refuses to get a job," and he completely owned it. Mars came out dancing (he's good!) and sneered, "Whatchu want? What you want? What you want want want want want?! Y'all are just jealous because I'm young and I got a debit card and I know where the party at!" He adds, "Y'all just mad that you ain't got this. Stop hatin', Jesus made me perfect!"

In 'Sad Mouse,' pretaped in Times Square, Mars plays a rather dejected, heartbroken fuzzy who can't get any love from tourists. While he finds an adorable kindred spirit eventually, what he does in the meantime is pretty hilarious. Mars plays a creepy haunted house ride worker in 'Amusement Park,' while in 'Underground Festival' he plays a Hawaiian fake ID salesman who deals in very, very odd bartering. His part in 'Yeti Point' is pretty hysterical too, complete with dramatic eye closeups and an eye patch.

It's clear that Bruno was down for anything and a really good sport about his hosting gig. He did an amazing job!

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