Bruno Mars has done dozens of interviews in support of his 'Unorthodox Jukebox' album, and he's sure to do dozens more -- but it seems highly unlikely that any of them will be as unusual (or as adorable) as the segment he did on 'The Jonathan Ross Show' Saturday (March 2).

After Mars took the stage, Ross greeted him with "Aloha" in an effort to pay tribute to Mars' Hawaiian heritage, but Mars rather puzzlingly corrected Ross' description of him as "Hawaiian," saying instead that he's "from Hawaii." An understandably confused Ross asked Mars which group he identifies with, to which Mars responded, "I'd like to call myself awesome." Odd? Sure, but when you've sold as many records and scored as many hits as Mars has, you can call yourself pretty much anything you want.

Mars was on 'The Jonathan Ross Show' to perform 'When I Was Your Man' from 'Unorthodox Jukebox,' and he eventually got down to the business at hand. But Ross had a surprise for him, too: A clip from a much earlier episode of the series, featuring Ross interviewing Bruno way back when he was a four-year-old Hawaiian/awesome Elvis impersonator. And even then, Mars was an old pro -- as he told Ross during the clip, he'd been performing for two years at that point.

Practice makes perfect, right? Take a look at the clip embedded above and see how far Bruno's come.