As if you they could get any dreamier, Bruno Mars and Adam Levine really, truly love their moms, and there's nothing more swoon-worthy than a man who respects and cares for his family's matriarch. In fact, Mars and Levine have so much love for their mamas, that both of the crooners received tattoos in honor of the women who birthed them!

While both obviously hold their own unique significance for each singer, we want to know if you like Bruno or Adam's mom ink better. They're both very similar, but have some distinct differences, as well.

Mars has only showed off his mom tattoo a handful of times, since it's way up on his shoulder, and Mars isn't like Levine in the sense that you don't often see him parading around without a shirt. The 'When I Was Your Man' hit maker has his mother's name, Bernadette, tattooed across a banner that wraps around a bright, red heart. It's your classic ode to mom really, with a more personal twist, and we're sure Bruno's mama was moved by the very permanent gesture.

Meanwhile, Levine chose to get his tattoo on his forearm, and instead of his mother's actual name, he just went with the straight-up 'Mom' design in honor of his number one lady, Patsy. Like the rest of his tattoos, Levine's mom ink is done only in black, and it has some intricate designs surrounding the heart. The 'Daylight' vocalist posted a picture of his tat on Twitter, writing, "“Just visited a legend…he tattooed me. Because as you all know, I do love my mom!”

So, which crooner's mom ink do you like best? Vote below, and then be sure to give your own mom a hug, kiddies.