We're a little obssessed with Bruno Mars' sophomore record, 'Unorthodox Jukebox.' The record has an obvious theme: Girls. Specifically, girls who are bad news. Why did Mars go that route? And why open the album with a ballad, 'Young Girls,' about the very ladies who break his little heart?

"That's the first song on the album [because] I think it really shows you what this album is going to be, and just where I was when I started this album," Mars explained to MTV News. "Everything's been so new to me, man, I feel like the world's been watching it. Watching me go on tour, watching me perform on TV ... but I [also] feel this is something everyone can relate to: There's a moment in your life where you start going out every night, and it's so fun, but then you start to lose yourself; you get lost in the sauce." Those 'Liquor Store' blues got you down, Bruno? He added, "So, this song is the same sentiment as 'Lookin' For Love In All The Wrong Places.' It's another confession."

Mars, who's working on a video for the track, explained that the song encompasses the major theme not just of his new album, but most of his life: Girls. "You know what? I sing about girls, ever since I was this big, that's what I do," he chuckled. "I'm not there yet ... to sing about politics and, you know, this is what I want to sing about, and this is what I know." He also sings about strippers, for those of you keeping score.

He even snuck in a 2 Chainz reference. "I'm not going to preach what I don't know," the diminutive Mars admitted. "As much as I love 'All I Want For My Birthday ...' this is where I'm at." It's okay, Bruno -- we like you here!

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