Bruno Mars debuted the new song 'Young Girls' on 'Saturday Night Live' two weeks ago as a piano ballad with a delicate string section. Now, the studio version of the song has leaked, and it's much more lively, with drums, synth accents and a mid-tempo beat.

"I spend all my money / Bought a big fancy car / For these bright-eyes honeys / Oh yeah, you know who you are," Mars sings on the song about being unable to stay away from cute girls who end up being completely wrong for him. He sums up the theme of the track when he sings, "All these roads steer me wrong, but I still drive them all night long."

The song, which leaked on 2 Dope Boyz, also features layered backing harmonies. The biggest difference from Mars' 'SNL' performance is the appearance of the pounding drums during the chorus as he sings, "All you young, wild girls / You make a mess of me / Yeah, you young, wild girls / You'll be the death of me."

'Young Girls' is the opening track on the singer's sophomore effort 'Unorthodox Jukebox,' which is set for a Dec. 11 release. He has said of the album, "This is me going into the studio and recording and writing whatever I want. This album represents my freedom."

Listen to Bruno Mars, 'Young Girls'