Burnell Taylor made Mariah Carey cry during his initial 'American Idol' audition. But he wasn't happy to coast on that moment as his claim to fame or to allow it to be his sole defining moment.

On tonight's (Feb. 28) episode during the Sudden Death round in Las Vegas, the 19-year-old, who lost his New Orleans home during Katrina, sang John Legend's 'This Time' and did it in a way that made the song his own.

Looking dapper and charming in his glasses and bow tie, Taylor, who went through a considerable weight loss recently, used his hands and arms to deliver an incredibly animated performance. The whole package was original -- from his vocal and lyrical phrasing to his cadence to his moves.

Nicki Minaj said she'd pay to see him sing right now and laid it down, saying no one else was in his lane tonight. For her money, which she declared she'd plunk down for him, he was the best of the evening.

Randy Jackson didn't think tonight's perf was as good as his audition, where Taylor blew the roof, the doors and anything else with hinges off. But he loved that Taylor put his own spin on a Legend track. Plus, the Dawg is also from Louisiana so there was a kinship there.

Burnell Taylor is wholly unique and brings something new to Season 12 of 'Idol.' Sort of like Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips did. Yeah, we said it.