In conjunction with the launch of Google Music, Busta Rhymes offers this free song, 'Why Stop Now.' The track reunites Rhymes with Chris Brown, who blazed the Internet earlier this year with their crazy joint 'Look at Me Now.'

Produced by Shama “Sak Pase” Joseph, the bass-heavy track features Busta's mind-boggling, rapid-fire flow that is almost indecipherable unless you slow down the track. By the time you comprehend what he is saying, you're already at the chorus.

We manage to catch a couple of Bussa-Buss' speed-rapping lines. On the opening verse, he raps: "Every single time I get up in the building / Then I touch it, and I get it poppin' / You can never stop it and how long it got 'em hung in / And they're wonderin' on how my n---a does it / When I'm blackin' every hood and every street and then I flood it / Makin' every DJ wanna bring it back and they robbin' / Makin' otha n---as stompin' ain't no food up in the cupboards / See the way I got 'em spittin' I mean gotta n---a runnin' / From the bullet I'll be gettin' on the beat and I'll be dumbin.'" Keep in mind, that he said all of this in under 30 seconds.

Rhymes has sent out a challenge to anyone on YouTube to recite his lyrics on the song as fast they can. It would be interesting to see who is going to take him up on his dare.

'Why Stop Now' is not as catchy as 'Look at Me Now' but it shows that the veteran rhyme-slinger can still dismantle a microphone whenever he touches it. You can cop Busta Rhymes' FREE single at Android Market.

Listen to Busta Rhymes, 'Why Stop Now' Feat. Chris Brown