Is it Stacy's mom, or is it Stacy's mom's car -- the impractically beautiful Cadillac SRX Crossover -- that has heads turning? We think it's a little bit of both. Cadillac pushes the idea that a luxury car can be a work of art and as attractive as a person in this commercial.

It also suggests that driving a sweet ride can make one appear more desirable. It's a basic advertising principle.

The car company makes use of the song 'Stacy's Mom' by power pop band Fountains of Wayne, from their 2003 album 'Welcome Interstate Managers.' The band toiled in the indie scene for years before hitting it big with 'Stacy's Mom,' a catchy, bratty song about MILFs. It's used effectively here, and we get the message.

While the ad agency could have selected a more classic song to demonstrate that Cadi drivers of a certain age project an aura and an air of elegance, the Fountains of Wayne track is more fun and playful, and a fitting juxtaposition.

The NYC/NJ band has seen its songs utilized in commercials before. 'Stacy's Mom' was also used in Dr. Pepper spot, while 'Valley Winter Song,' also from 'Welcome Interstate Managers,' made its way into an L.L. Bean ad.