The battle round for Adam Levine’s team on ‘The Voice’ tonight (Oct. 9) was emotional and epic, as Melanie Martinez and Caitlin Michele delivered a soulful rendition of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Lights.’ While Martinez ultimately won the round, Martinez was not eliminated thanks to the 'steal' button.

It was clear from the start that this battle round would be intense. Both singers are artistic, insanely talented and driven by a very strong inner passion. Guest mentor Mary J. Blige was particularly impressed by Martinez. "She looks like a little girl, but she has so much depth to her," she said.

Levine had such high expectations for them and was sorely disappointed by what he heard during their rehearsal. “Never catch yourself phoning it in,” he coached them. He then went on to say to the camera, “Melanie and Caitlin had an off day – we all have off days – but I want them to both be artists … to give two hundred percent.”

It’s pretty safe to say that Levine’s wish was granted. Their duet was seamless, blowing away every single one of the judges. “You guys don’t fit under any category – each of you are your own thing. It’s hard for me to know who did better,” Blake Shelton said.

“That was probably the prettiest and most moving performance of the whole day … There is no right or wrong choice,” Christina Aguilera agreed. “I think both of you deserve to stay here,” Cee Lo Green said, but admitted to preferring Martinez due to her breathy vocals.

“You couldn’t have impressed me more – I’m so over the moon,” Levine began, looking genuinely pained by the idea of having to choose between them. In the end, he went with his gut instinct and decided on “the person who moved me the most from the beginning” – which was Martinez.

Cee Lo and Shelton were quick to hit their ‘steal’ buttons to keep Michele in the competition. The singer ultimately chose Team Cee Lo based on his unique and quirky nature.