Is it us, or have the blind auditions for season three of 'The Voice' been on for like ... ever now? Trying her hand to fill one of the very last spots on one of the coaches teams was Caitlin Michele, a young 20-something who suffers from panic and anxiety attacks. We were too focused on her resemblance to Katy Perry (from her quirkiness to dip-dyed blue hair) to really pay attention to much else.

In a white dress with a flowy floral coverup, Michele may look like Perry, but she sounded more like Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine, which was super convenient since she chose the band's song 'Cosmic Love' to sing during her audition.

Her voice was a little pitchy at times, but had clear potential. The note she held at the end without the help of a vibrato was enough for Blake Shelton and Adam Levine to turn around. And while Michele's voice may have won over the judges, from an audience point of view, her stage presence was seriously slacking -- and no one wants to watch a boring performance no matter how great the voice is.

Since Cee Lo and Christina opted out, Michele was left to choose between the country crooner and the tattooed pop-rocker. Since she needed some serious work on her stage presence, we thought Levine would be the better of the two, and thankfully, we were right.