What do pirates hijacking a boat, a drug-addled model party, a girl-on-girl makeout session, an angsty teen, and a couple joining the mile-high club have in common?

Not much, but if you take all those things and add in some nudity you've got Calvin Harris and Ayah Marar's new video for 'Thinking About You.'

Watching this video, the scenes don't really mesh together into a cohesive storyline (especially when he gave the impression there was going to be a Gatsby-esque theme), but the one common thread between each scenario (we think) can be found in the lyrics to the song. Marar sings, "In a moment, I know that everything could change / And I know that, my life would never be the same." Ah, yes, that's the missing puzzle piece!

The twist ending at the end of video surely gives heed to the "in a moment, I know everything could change" theory.