Here's something that's sure to surprise you: Baby-faced Vine star Cameron Dallas was arrested in the early hours of Thursday (March 19).

The 20-year-old social media sensation is best known for sending sweet messages to fans. (Think: "smile and have a good day" and "I've been having so much fun lately.")

TMZ reports that it all started when Cameron painted his apartment — and everyone inside of it — during a party. According to the report, law enforcement officials were called to Cameron's pad for a noise violation. The crowd had quieted by the time the police arrived, but the cops were soon called back a few hours later after reports that a paint was thrown out of Dallas' window, narrowly avoiding smashing into a passerby. The officials found paint strewn all around the apartment.

Cameron was taken into custody and reportedly later released at 1:30 AM on $20,000 bail.

A few hours after being released, Cameron tweeted:

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