It's Camila Cabello's 18th birthday, and Harmonizers have been celebrating since the clock struck midnight! #HappyBirthdayCamilaCabello has been trending steadily throughout the day, proving that no one goes as hard as Fifth Harmony fans.

To honor the 5H singer, we've compiled the best fan tweets celebrating Camila's milestone birthday. From the super emotional to the insanely excited to the downright hilarious, do yourself a favor and peep the best fan tweets about Camila's birthday below. Trust us, you'll be Camila AF when you're done (as if you weren't already).

Some fans were insanely happy and waxed poetic about their fave things about the singer:

Others straight-up refused to believe that she is 18:

Some let their true emotions out:

A few Harmonizers were so psyched that they could only express their thoughts in all caps:

Some quoted Taylor Swift:

And pretty much everyone shared their fave #CamilaMoments:

As for our fave #CamilaMoment? Probably when Fifth Harmony stopped by the PopCrush office and created imaginary online dating profiles for each other and did a dramatic reading of fan fiction about themselves. (Those are two different moments, but whatever. They were amazing just the same!) Check 'em out below.

Happy 18th birthday, Camila Cabello! We'll be rocking out to "Sledgehammer" all day, erry day, in your honor.

Watch Fifth Harmony Create Imaginary Online Dating Profiles for Each Other