In what may be the shortest diss-a-thon in hip-hop history, former battle rapper Canibus ended his beef with J. Cole two days after releasing 'J. Clone,' a heated diss song about the Roc Nation artist. In a video that was posted online today (Dec. 12), Canibus apologized for his actions and the brouhaha over the track.

It all started when Canibus posted the diss song along with a lengthy message on his Facebook page. Apparently, his issue with Cole was that instead of mentioning him in interviews as his favorite rapper, he should have teamed up with him to record a song together. WTF?

"J. Cole [has] continuously mentioned me as [his] favorite artist, shouted me out in magazine/online interviews, and even gone as far as starting off show sets by playing some of my earlier material to warm up the audience," he writes in his letter. "What he is doing is underhanded and disingenuous and whether it is his idea or not, I don't agree with his tactic and I have something to say about it."

Canibus explains further in his rant on 'J. Cole,' as he spits “You said my name so much they think you’re being honest / It’s more than that, we could’ve recorded the track / You could give me a stack for a verse just like that.” WTF?

Now, 48 hours later, Canibus is backtracking from his statements and apologizing for the song. In the bizarre 8-minute long clip, Canibus seems remorseful of the rawkus he caused with the diss track. "I take full responsibility for my actions and I apologize for steppin' over the line. It comes off as tacky, unsophisticated, and it's just not G," he says.

What's even more strange is that the video repeats itself, showing edits of Canibus' apology to J. Cole as he reads his statements from a computer screen. So how sincere is his apology?

Honestly, we don't know what to think of all of this. It truly baffles the mind.

We will let you be the judge of this mess. Tell us: what do you think about Canibus' diss song and apology? Write your responses in the comments below.

Listen to Canibus, 'J. Clone' (J. Cole Diss)

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