Carly Rae Jepsen celebrated the release of her U.S. debut, 'Kiss,' in a big way -- but it turns out that Cody Simpson actually had the biggest announcement to make at her album release party. Way to steal her thunder, Cody!

Simpson's manager, Matthew Graham, revealed that Simpson will star in the first interactive movie featuring a celeb. The film, 'Finding Cody,' is a 70-minute 'Choose Your Own Adventure'-style partnership between YouTube and The Warner Sound. "It's all based on what fans want to happen," Graham told Billboard. "There will be a scene where you can pick if the actress should jump out the window and sneak out to Cody's show or go through the front door. You decide. Then it's like, do you hug grandma or make a run for it? Fans can keep coming back and going a different route."

While Simpson is excited for the film and for his opening week on the Believe tour with Jepsen and Justin Bieber, he's also looking forward to taking some time off. "I'm hoping to be able to take a little bit of time off after that to go back to Australia for Christmas and have a surf," the Aussie native said. "That's when I get to go back and walk around the streets as a local again with my friends. That always feels pretty good."

Simpson, though, knew he was on hand to honor the Canadian crooner, and he paid proper tribute to Jepsen's record. "I got to hear the whole album for the first time today," he said. "'This Kiss' is definitely one of my favorites on the CD. It's just as catchy as 'Call Me Maybe.' It's very dancey!" Based on his Psy cover, we bet he likes to get his groove on to Jepsen's tunes, too.

Jepsen was bubbly and happy at the fete. "It feels so great to finally have my album out!" she gushed. "I worked very hard on it and at the end of the day, I'm very proud of how it turned out."

The 'Call Me Maybe' singer is even more excited to go on tour than she is for 'Kiss' to hit shelves, in part because she gets to tour with her own band that she adores. "We feel ready!" she said of her arena excursion with Biebs. "I'm mostly excited to be able to be on stage with the band boys that I started this whole thing off with. These were the ones that I was paying with cookies and homemade dinners before I could afford my job," she said. "It's cool. You lock eyes with them on stage and there is something that the two of us know that nobody else does. It makes the moment on stage that much more real I guess."

She also knows that despite her talent, there's one big, huge reason for her success: Biebs! "I thank my lucky stars that he shed light on my project and has been here to lead the way."

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