This year's American Music Awards may have set an all-time ratings low for the 40-year institution, but some fans were still heavily invested in who won and lost -- as Carly Rae Jepsen discovered after beating out One Direction for New Artist of the Year.

As Zimbio reports, Jepsen's victory provoked an immediate outburst of the sort of melodramatic insanity that will be immediately, sadly familiar to anyone who's ever lived with a teenager. The article quotes a trio of progressively more caps-infested tweets from rabid One Direction fans, starting with "carly rae jepsen more like carly rae kill yourself," moving along to "CARLY RAE JEPSEN I'LL KILL YOU MAYBE," and concluding with the epic social media tantrum, "IM SCREAMING SO LOUD WHO VOTED FOR CARLY RAE JEPSEN I WILL KILL YR FIRSTBORN."

While these are clearly the words of people who need to enter internet detox while sorting out their personal priorities, they're also nothing new -- pop stars have always provoked passionate responses from their young fans, and now that free outlets like Twitter have made it so much easier to vent one's frustration or excitement with the world, these regrettable moments are preserved in public rather than remaining trapped in the furiously scribbled pages of one's diary.

Carly Rae isn't the only one who's felt the wrath from Directioners recently. Taylor Swift was also targeted by fans of the boy band after news broke that she and Harry Styles might be a romantic item.

Anyway, with all that being said, we're sure Carly doesn't actually need to worry about protecting herself from hysterical One Direction fans. Coming up with another 'Call Me Maybe'-sized hit, on the other hand? That could be a problem.

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