Carly Rae Jepsen may have come across as sort of shy and indecisive on her big hit 'Call Me Maybe,' but don't be fooled -- she doesn't have a problem standing up for her friends or the things she believes in.

The Boy Scouts of America recently got a glimpse of Jepsen's backbone when their long-standing ban on gay scouts cost them a performance by her, which was in lieu of the upcoming annual Jamboree celebration.

Jepsen issued a statement, but expanded on her decision during a recent chat with MTV, explaining: "I mean, it was sort of one of those things that I kind of have my opinions about, and everyone's entitled to their own, but it wasn't necessarily something that I felt comfortable backing once I learned more about it. And that being said, here's hoping they make the right decision and I'm praying that moves like this will help."

The Jamboree -- which will also have to carry on without Train, who pulled out around the same time Jepsen canceled -- is scheduled for July 15-24, and although replacement performers aren't listed at the event website, the Scouts do promise that "There has never been a Jambo like this. Ever." So there's that.

Having issued a public smackdown, Jepsen then proceeded to prove she's got her friends' backs when the chips are down, turning to MTV's cameras to support her pal Justin Bieber in light of his recent public relations woes.

"If there's anybody who I think can pull off what it means to be a professional performer, it's Justin because, yeah, it was chaotic week, but he sang even when he was feeling kind of like light of breath and showed us that old saying 'The show must go on' is really true," Jepsen insisted. "So I'm proud of him."

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