Carly Rae Jepsen's E.MO.TION won't drop until the end of summer, but two new album tracks have hit the internet ahead of schedule: "Run Away With Me" and "Your Type."

We caught up with Carly at the Songwriters Hall of Fame awards show on June 18, where she inducted Cyndi Lauper and sang the '80s pop star's hit "Time After Time." We asked Carly which E.MO.TION tracks she can't wait for fans to hear and she said, “My favorite song…I’m really excited about ‘Run Away With Me’, which is going to be the next single."

Carly's performed the song live already, and thanks to a mysterious SoundCloud member, you can hear the studio version of "Run Away With Me" for yourself right now. It's a dreamy, upbeat love song, and it's easy to see why Carly thinks it's an album standout.

The second leaked cut, "Your Type," is another synth-heavy offering that nods to Tiffany-style 1980s pop. Carly laments her friend zone status as her crush picks someone else, delivering the lines, "But I still love you / I'm sorry / I'm sorry I love you / I didn't mean to say what I said," in a style that's gonna be really fun to sing along to in the car.

Let us know if the leaked tracks have you (even more?) excited for her upcoming album, and if you can't get enough Carly Rae, enjoy our recent interview.

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