Singer Carly Rae Jepsen, who will release 'Kiss' tomorrow (Sept. 18), is red hot in her spread in the October issue of Glamour.

There's no (call me) maybe about how amazeballs she looks. She sports blood red streaks in her brown hair, as well as a crimson pout... Perfect with which to 'Kiss' you with! She rocks a haute goth look and the contrast of her pale skin and crystal blue eyes with her dark hair and lips absolutely suits her.

Once again, CRJ is dressing and looking her age, something that she doesn't do very often, choosing to attire herself in clothes that skew a bit too young for her -- she's 26, so it's high time she dresses in line with her age. She looks gorgeous and glamorous here, as she did on her cover of Fashion Canada. More of this look, please, Carly!

Jepsen revealed (quotes courtesy of Oh No They Didn't) that her mother taught her to appreciate her body, saying, "My mom taught me how to treat my body with respect, to be grateful I have two arms and two legs. Your health is the most important thing."

She also describes her style as "pop meets folk," but she doesn't mean her music. She's talking about her style of dress. "I love combining hippie vintage stuff with chic things," the 'Call Me Maybe' singer said.

Her go-to product? MAC lipstick in Lady Danger because "it's the perfect red. It dresses you up in two seconds flat."

She also shared that she is a romantic, but that love is a struggle! Don't we know it. "I fall in love easily, but it takes a lot to stay in love. It's one strike and you're out for me," she said.

Like we said before, there's no "maybe" here! Don't screw around with Carly Rae, boys, and you'll be just fine.

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