Tuesday February 9 saw the opening night Best Fest's star-studded Fleetwood Mac Fest, bringing with it more than two dozen artists to pay tribute to the iconic British-American folk-rock band, including acts like Courtney Love, Juliette Lewis, Mark Ronson, and Joanna Newsom among many others.

Also on the evening's lineup was Canadian pop export (and completely underrated pop phenom) Carly Rae Jepsen, who helped open the festival by bringing her own sugary glimmer to the band's groovy 1982 Mirage single "Hold Me" early in the night.

Running her hands through her short, choppy jet-black bob, the pop star smiled and shimmied through an upbeat, breezy performance of the track. In another life—and perhaps with a few more synths and dance beats and a few less bluesy guitar riffs—"Hold Me" could probably sound right at home on the singer's 80s-steeped LP, Emotion. Watch Carly's performance, below:

The original 1982 version of Fleetwood Mac's song is similarly upbeat, though perhaps not quite as bubblegum-cheery as Jepsen's version. Check out the original track and video below:

Held at The Fonda Theater in Los Angeles on February 9 and 10, Fleetwood Mac Fest, presented by the Best Fest organization, served as both a tribute concert for the beloved band, as well as a charity fundraiser, with all proceeds benefiting the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund and the Sweet Stuff Foundation.

Fleetwood Mac, which was formed in London in 1967, have sold more than 100 million records worldwide. The band was indicted into the Rock and ROll Hall of Fame in 1998.

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