Carly Rae Jepsen is blowing up in a big way, and she couldn't be more grateful for it -- especially to Justin Bieber! The 'Call Me Maybe' singer and Biebs chatted about their connection on 'Ellen' -- and previewed his new track, 'BoyFriend!'

When asked why he signed Jepsen, Bieber retold the story of how he discovered his fellow Canuck. "I was in Canada, and I was riding out," he began to a slew of cheers. "Her song came on the radio and I was like, 'Who is this?'" he gushed. After Bieber's friends told him it was Jepsen, "I looked her up and she was really talented, and Scooter [Braun] was like, 'She's not signed.'"

Bieber admitted that he was confused about the details of Jepsen's contract. Ellen asked Jepsen to clarify the deal since Jepsen's song was on the radio -- no small feat for a signed band, let alone an unsigned artist! “I had been signed in Canada to 604 records,” Jepsen explained. “I had never branched outside of Canada and had no idea how to do that and then one miraculous day, Justin called. At the time, I was touring in Canada in a soccer Mom van with my band, and it seemed to be too good to be true.”

Bieber also revealed a 15-second snippet of his upcoming single, the insanely highly anticipated 'BoyFriend.' While he already released a 13-second instrumental clip of the song, this one features vocals! Watch the interview and listen to the sneak peek below!

Watch Justin Bieber + Carly Rae Jepsen on 'Ellen'