Carly Rae Jepsen had the feel good hit of the summer last year with 'Call Me Maybe,' and all eyes are on the Canadian singer as she works on the follow-up to her second album 'Kiss.' She told PopCrush a little secret about her new album, and that's the fact that she's been writing in two different styles and those are "folkier and dancier."

The gud spokesmodel didn't want to reveal too, too much, saying, "It may sound silly, but I sorta like to keep it secret 'till its done." She's not being shy, coy or secretive, either. It's just a fluid work of art that morphs as she goes along so she can't contextualize it too much at this point.

"I feel like a record is this changing thing until it's delivered so it's almost impossible to explain it right now," she said. "I will say that I keep writing songs in two different directions. Folkier and dancier if u can imagine that."

Folky and dancey – those are strange bedfellows, but we are anxious to hear what CRJ comes up with. We wonder if she will pick one direction, or if her record will encompass both super fun dance songs and more contemplative, folky numbers. Bring it, Carly Rae.

The singer isn't worried that 'Call Me Maybe' will be her, well, calling card. The song was a watershed moment in time, one that defines the summer of 2012, but she's not concerned that the track will be bigger than her career, rendering her a prisoner of One Hit Wonderland.

"Well, I'm not sure that's my goal," she said when asked if she fears she'll never top the track. "I've never been concerned with being the biggest and the best. I just wanna make good music that I feel proud of and hope that people connect to it."

Those are noble goals and are likely the qualities that attracted Justin Bieber to sign her!

She revealed that The Biebs' best advice was that "he really stressed that I be myself. That's why I'm so happy I signed to Schoolboy Records. They weren't looking to change me. They embraced my quirks!"

Jepsen also revealed how she became interested in music, which was a fan submitted question. "I grew up in a very musical environment so I was lucky that way," the singer admitted. "My dad used to play guitar and sing James Taylor covers to me and my brother before bed. I started singing along and eventually my parents asked if I wanted to perform at a local talent show. I was seven-years-old and I felt right at home on stage. I knew then that I wanted I spend my life making music."

We love a girl with goals, even when she's single digits in age!

Be sure to check out CRJ performing 'Take a Picture' on 'American Idol' tomorrow night as part of the Coke Perfect Harmony program!

Watch the Carly Rae Jepsen 'Call Me Maybe' Video