Carly Rae Jepsen is super cute. The 'Call Me Maybe' singer shared what music she is listening to, the first album she bought with her own money and more in a cute, handwritten, doodle-filled interview for Metrolyrics. She shared her musical mind for the insanely clever and cool My Musical Mind series!

She also left us wanting to know more, more, more.

You can check out the charming, handwritten answers to the left, but we were most struck by the fact that she was rocking Gotye (and who isn't?), that a Spice Girls record was one of her first musical purchases with her own money and that she can quote Joni Mitchell.

She is marriage material, boys! Call her, maybe?

We love her self-portrait doodle, too. There's a lot of personality in a small space and an intimate way to get to know CRJ.

If we never saw Jepsen, we'd think she was adorable based on her My Musical Mind profile and her handwriting.

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