After a heated battle with Ariana Grande, who was competing with her lighthearted, Mac Miller-featured love song 'The Way,' Carly Rae Jepsen came out on top in the most recent round of Pop Clash! The remix of Carly's new club banger 'Tonight I'm Getting Over You,' now revamped with a verse from Nicki Minaj, just barely snagged the lead, garnering 51% of the fan votes.

Since Carly Rae K.O'd Ariana, it's time for this Canadian cutie to take on a different competitor. This week, Jepsen's 'Tonight I'm Getting Over You' remix will go head-to-head in a fan-voted battle for best song against Austin Mahone's 'Say You're Just a Friend,' featuring some guest rhymes from Flo Rida.

On her latest single, Carly Rae ditches the bubblegum beats for a heavier, house-inspired sound. The climactic, uptempo track is like a musical release for Jepsen, as she sings about the guy she loves, but who doesn't love her back. Despite her strong feelings, Carly vows to move on once and for all: "No more crying / To get me through / I'll keep dancing till the morning with somebody new / Tonight I'm getting over you." Minaj also comes in later on for some cheeky raps and a bit of singing: "Get me, get me should’ve got me then / Cause I would wear for real and you would rock pretend."

Austin Mahone is having similar problems on 'Say You're Just a Friend,' as he tries to win over a girl who has the adorable singer friend-zoned. Borrowing a sample from Biz Markie's hip-hop classic of the same name, Mahone sweetly sings over a dance-y, midtempo pop beat that also boasts some sunny synths. He hits us with some falsetto on the chorus, but goes a bit deeper on the insanely infectious verses: "Hey hey baby you've been on my mind, I knew you for a long time / But I've been thinking baby that you should know."

Which song has won you over this week? Vote for Carly Rae and Nicki, or Austin and Flo below! This round of Pop Clash will close on May 20 at 3PM EST, and you can vote once per hour until we crown a winner!

Listen to Carly Rae Jepsen, 'Tonight I'm Getting Over You' (Remix) Feat. Nicki Minaj

Watch the Austin Mahone 'Say You're Just a Friend' Feat. Flo Rida

Rules of Pop Clash: The artist and song with the most votes wins, and the winner goes on to face a different challenger the following week. If an artist wins four weeks in a row, they will be retired into the Pop Clash Hall of Fame in order to give others a chance to compete.

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