For its 2014 Super Bowl commercial, the engineers over at German car manufacturer Volkswagen developed an algorithm that would allow them to construct the perfect, ultimate spot, full of American pop culture references.

It features puppies, babies, Wang Chung's '80s smash 'Everybody Have Fun Tonight' playing loudly in the background as the soundtrack, bikinis babes and Carmen Electra, looking super hot in a (very tight) orange dress.

There are little people, dinosaurs, monkeys and an old man gets hit in the nuts. Oh, we saw Abe Lincoln, too. This is one of those commercials that you need to watch, like, 125 times in order to catch everything.

Things don't go quite as planned with that algorithm, though.

Maybe they will get get it right on Feb. 2, the date of the actual big game? There is a hint and a suggestion that this is not the final commercial.

Is there even a game being played this Sunday?