Haven't heard of Carolina Liar? Now's your chance to hook onto a great band before they're too big to grab. We have no doubt that the quad's latest single, 'Drown,' is just the ticket they need to hop aboard the train to Top 40 domination.

"So soon, we will learn to forget / Bad times, the rules and regrets / One day, they won’t reach out for you," frontman Chad Wolf promises from the get-go.

'Drown' is packed full of ingredients that make a great pop song, like rockin' guitars, singalong lyrics and a beat that's impossibly easy to sway to.

"Oh, come on down, we can drown in this water / It’s only gonna set us free / Come on down, we can drown in this water / You’ve been praying for a remedy," the band sings in the uber-catchy chorus.

It seems that Carolina Liar, which is comprised of three good looking Swedes and a handsome South Carolinian, has just about everything going for them right now. The band is preparing to release their second album, 'Wild Blessed Freedom,' on September 27 with 'Drown' pulling the sleigh as the lead single -- and they'd better hold on tight.

If you've never won the lottery, at least you can say you've found pop gold with Carolina Liar! Don't say we didn't tell you so...

Listen to Carolina Liar, 'Drown'