Books are beautiful things that will expand your imagination, cement your sense of empathy and one day allow you to get married in a ceremony officiated by Carrie Brownstein and Amy Poehler.

At a promotional event in support of Brownstein's new memoir on Tuesday (November 3), the actress and Sleater-Kinney rocker, who's a registered officiant, agreed to bring two fans—Genevieve and Kendall—together in matrimony. And Poehler, who was co-hosting the discussion of Hunger Makes me a Modern Girl, offered support in the form of a pair of flower arrangements and her own no-frills production of "Greensleeves" on the piano.

"I'm going to quote James Baldwin, perhaps incorrectly," Brownstein begins the ceremony in the clip above. "But you should know that love and life and togetherness involves a lot of incorrectly. It involves a lot of stumbling, mistakes, humor, clumsiness and I hope that you are with someone that will love those things."

"Oh, I was gonna quote James Baldwin!" she later remembers. "I won't."

Then, after Genevieve and Kendall exchange their own unique vows, Brownstein announces them officially married, and the audience erupts in cheers. Well this certainly beats the ol' folding chair, Q&A routine at Barnes & Noble...

Watch the clip above for a truly unique ceremony, and pick up a copy of Hunger Makes me a Modern Girl for musings on Brownstein's path from young girl in the Pacific Northwest to indie rock icon and comedian.

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