A school shooting at Arapahoe High School outside of Denver, Colo., today (Dec. 13) ended with two students shot and the gunman dead after turning the shotgun on himself.

In the wake of the event, 'Carrie Diaries' actress AnnaSophia Robb, an alum of the high school, took to Twitter to put the students in her thoughts on prayers.

She spoke out about the shooting on her Twitter, writing in a series of missives:

This quickly turned into her thoughts on gun control laws and common human decency. As she tweeted:

She also shared a photo of herself at her alma mater during her senior year:

The gunman was a student who reportedly had a grudge against his debate coach. He assaulted the school and terrorized students for 14 minutes before killing himself.

Said gunman was the only fatality, but one of the two victims who were shot is currently in a nearby hospital in critical condition.