Carrie Underwood kept saying she was a good girl, but she looked all bad girl in her performance eat the 2013 CMA Awards, held tonight (Nov. 6) in Nashville, Tenn.

Looking fierce in a sparkly black top and short shorts, Carrie sang a medley of four of her hits. Yes, four. We guess also co-hosting the CMAs -- never mind all the related costume changes! -- and preparing for that live 'Sound of Music' telecast wasn't enough work for the hard-working country-pop queen.

Starting out on a dramatically lit stage that was bare but for the tower of TVs behind her, Underwood rocked out to 'Good Girl' before the backdrop lifted to reveal the band -- and her hit 'Blown Away.' With the lighting turned red, she looked fierce as she sang the lyrics directly into the camera.

'Two Black Cadillacs,' with a softer, curtained setting, rounded out the set with 'See You Again.' The final song showed some impressive special effects that force us to acknowledge that the set decorators were working pretty dang hard during the evening, too.